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Public Notice for Road Load Restrictions

Pursuant to Section 7.3 (e) of District of Clearwater Bylaw 160, the following load restriction will be imposed on the following highways and roads within the District of Clearwater until further notice:

LOAD RESTRICTIONS within the District of Clearwater

Effective 12:01am Pacific Standard time on Monday, March 18th, 2019;
All District Roads 70% legal axle loading EXCEPT as listed below;

100% legal axle loading:

  • Old North Thompson Highway (Highway 5 to District boundary)
  • Clearwater Village Road (Highway 5 to Blue Bridge)
  • Park Drive from Roundabout to Murtle Crescent (all of Murtle Crescent)

District contact: Ernst Bezema, Public Works Manager (250) 674-2257
Issued by: Leslie Groulx, Chief Administrative Officer; District of Clearwater

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