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Renew your business licence

Your business licence expires December 31 each year. We are sending a renewal notice in the mail in December. Before you renew, check and update your licence information such as address, phone number, email address if there were any changes and also let us know in case your business was closed throughout the year.

Your payment is due January 31,2020. Pay in person at the District’s office with debit, cash or cheque and receive your new licence in person.

Pay by cheque and send your payment by mail to PO 157, Clearwater BC, V0E 1N0 and receive your new business licence by mail.

A late payment penalty fee of $25 applies to all payments received after January 31.

Starting a new business? Any person owning or operating a business within the District of Clearwater must obtain an annual business licence to be prominently displayed in their place of business. More information here.