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Burning Permits

Before lighting a fire please also check for current fire bansventilation index and current danger rating.


It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with Fire Department Bylaw No. 125 before lighting a fire.

The Ministry of Environment developed a fact sheet that outlines the environmental laws that apply to burning in BC. Although this fact sheet deals with requirements under the Environmental Management Act, it emphasizes that anyone burning material also must comply with any local bylaws that exist for fire protection and/or air quality.

It is worth noting that backyard burning of garbage and other “prohibited materials” is not allowed under provincial law, except with specific authorization. Air pollution from burning of waste contains toxic pollutants, can generate plumes of smoke which are unsightly and/or a public safety concern, can generate odors, and can result in public complaints.

The Open Burning Smoke Regulation applies to burning vegetative material, and this regulation is currently under review.

Outdoor Fires – Residential

Open burning (no permit required)

  • of dry garden and yard refuse is allowed during Spring and Fall each year
  • between dawn and dusk
  • is banned within the District of Clearwater effective noon June 15 until October 1 each year
  • is banned within the District of Clearwater if the Ministry of Forests and Range have a burning ban imposed
  • only permitted on private property
  • is to be carried out by the property owner/tenant or an agent acting on behalf of the property owner
  • must not be larger than 1 meter by 1 meter and shall not be more than 1.5 meter high
  • larger piles are considered Industrial/ Commercial and Lot Clearing and need to obtain a permit

Campfire regulations are outlined in Schedule F of the Bylaw.

Outdoor Fires – Industrial/ Commercial and Lot Clearing

Burning permit required.

  • any person that lights to clear a lot for development, or for the purpose of yard clean up needs to obtain a permit and will observe the conditions outline in Schedule E
  • the piles of material to be burned shall not be larger than 5 meter by 5 meter and shall not be more than 5 meters high

Burning Permits are free of charge. To obtain one call 250.674.2257 and leave your name, phone number, address, purpose of the burn and ideal day and time and the Fire Chief will phone to arrange a time to inspect the site and issue the burning permit. Please allow some time for this process and phone ahead of time to accommodate the Fire Chief’s busy schedule. You may also download the form and email it completed to firechief@docbc.ca.

Download the Burning Permit Form

Outdoor Fires – Exemptions

Permitted without permit but subject to section 3.30 and other parts of the bylaw.

  • Burning barrels must be covered with 1/2″ mesh secured over the opening of the burning barrel
  • Must be located a minimum of 10 meters from any structure, building, trees, vegetation, or other flammable object.