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Riverview Cemetery and Columbarium

The District of Clearwater has one cemetery named Riverview Cemetery, located on Grant Road. It is open to the public at any time for visitation, and burials are conducted on weekends. The administration and maintenance of the cemetery are managed by the District.

We want to hear from you!

The District formed a Select Committee on Cemetary Operations to review and make recommendations on modernizing the outdated 1978 Cemetary Bylaw. We would love to hear your thoughts on this review. The survey will be open until February 28, 2023. To fill out the survey, click here.

The information gathered will be shared with the Committee and Council and made publicly available. It will also be used by the Committee to inform the development of recommendations to modernize the bylaw which will be forwarded to Council for consideration.


What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is an above ground structure specifically designed to hold urns containing cremated remains.

What is a niche?

A niche is an individual compartment in a columbarium.

How many urns can go in a niche?

The Cemetery Management Bylaw states that two sets of ashes are permitted. However, it is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure that the urns used are sized to fit inside the niche.

What are the inside dimensions of a niche?

The interior dimensions are 11 7/8” deep, 11 7/8” wide and 11 7/8” high. The front opening is slightly smaller 10 3/8”, so the urn may need to be tipped slightly to enter the niche.

Is there a special kind of urn or container that the cremated remains need to be in?

Each niche is designed with an aluminum insert with a moisture dissipation system. However, there is still the risk of condensation entering the niche space. The District strongly recommends the use of a non-biodegradable container for all cremated remains placed in the niches.

What if my urn is too big for the niche or if I can only fit one urn?

It is the responsibility of the family and funeral director to ensure that the urns used will fit within the niche.

How secure are the niches?

These niches are designed with a patented security system to discourage and prevent unauthorized entry.

Can a niche be sold back to the District?

Yes, however, the original price paid will be refunded, less the care and maintenance portion.

Can a niche be traded for a burial plot or in ground cremation plot?

Yes, the original price of a niche can be applied towards the purchase of another space in the cemetery.

How long do I own the niche?

Provincial law stipulates that you own the internment right in perpetuity (forever).

How much does a niche cost?

Please contact the District of Clearwater staff with pricing details.

What do we “own” when we purchase a niche?

All you are purchasing is the “interment rights” for that space – the right to place cremated remains inside in perpetuity. You acquire no other interest or rights in the niche, columbaria or cemetery. The entire columbaria remain the sole property of the District of Clearwater. This is provincial law and applies to all grave space in all cemeteries in BC and in most provinces.

What type of memorial is used on the front of the niche?

The niche front (panel) is the sole property of the person who purchased the right to place cremated remains in the columbarium. The memorial message will be directly engraved on the niche front (panel).

Can I have a picture or image engraved on the niche front?

Yes, you may have an image or design engraved on the niche front (panel). The design must be pre-approved by the District of Clearwater.

Can I have someone else engrave the front (panel)

Yes, you may have someone else engrave the panel, but they must use the approved font style and size and the design must be pre-approved by the District of Clearwater.

What if I tape or glue something to the niche?

This is strictly not allowed, and it will be removed by cemetery staff immediately.

What other costs will I need to consider?

Please contact the District of Clearwater for a complete list of fees and charges.

Can items be placed at or near the columbaria?

No, items placed at or near the columbaria presents a potential hazard to the public and will be removed and disposed of immediately by cemetery staff. Hanging items from any portion of the columbarium is not allowed.