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Trails & Pathways

Trails Task Force

  • Formed in 2014
  • Members are appointed by Council and the Chairperson is elected by the members of the Task Force. Membership also includes one Council member.
  • The goal is to develop safe, connected and functionally consistent multi-use trails for both recreation and commuting routes within the District of Clearwater.
  • The Task Force involves, informs, and seeks feedback from the community on alternative traffic modes (cycling, walking, running, scooter use) including actual and perceived safety.

Meet the Task Force

Heather MacLennan, Chair
Sabine Cooperman
Darren Coates
Scott Lindeburgh
Ron Van der Zwan
Leslie Groulx, CAO
Lucy Taylor, Councillor


Trails Master Plan

Official Community Plan (OCP)

Trails map showing completed and planned projects- as of January 2021