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Seasonal Parking Ban in Effect Immediately

2023-01-26 — As of January 26, 2023, pursuant to Section 6.5 of District of Clearwater Bylaw 160, a seasonal parking ban will be imposed on the following highways and roads identified on Schedule F Seasonal Parking Ban Routes. A person must not park a vehicle on any portion of a highway identified as a seasonal parking ban route. If the vehicle has been parked in that location previous to the designation, the owner must remove the vehicle within 8 hours of the designation being posted.

The following roadways are affected:
Archibald Rd
Azure Dr
Blair Pl
Blanchard Rd
Cameron Rd
Candle Creek Rd (between Park Dr and Woreby Rd)
Capostinsky Rd
Desfosses Rd
Dutch Lake Rd
Fawn Rd
Helmcken St
Kennedy Rd
Kurylowich Rd
Lakeview Rd
Lodge Dr
Mileen Crt
Mileen Dr
Murtle Cres
Murtle Rd
Park Dr (between Clearwater Village Rd and Hillside Rd)
Raft River Rd (between Clearwater Village Rd and Raft River)
Ridge Dr
Riverview Cres
Robson Place Rd
Robson Rd
Robson St
Scott Dr
Stegg Rd
Taren Dr
Trutch Rd
Vern-ann Pl
Webber Rd
White Rd
Whymper Rd
Wyndhaven Crt
Wyndhaven Dr
Wyndhaven Pl

Issued by: Chad Carmichael, Director of Operations and Infrastructure, District of Clearwater

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