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Seasonal Parking Ban

What are seasonal parking bans and why do we need them?

Seasonal parking bans are temporary parking restrictions on designated routes. This Seasonal parking ban is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Snow crews will be able to remove snow from edge-to-edge on these routes.
  • Plowing times will be reduced as plows won’t have to navigate around parked cars. This will enable crews to get to other areas sooner.
  • Vehicles won’t get plowed-in.

What does this mean for residents and visitors of the District of Clearwater?

Become familiar with the Seasonal Parking Ban Routes in the areas where you live, work and visit. Be aware that if you are parked on the Seasonal Parking Ban Route you will have to find alternate parking. Vehicles left in a parking restricted area will be subject to enforcement measures.

The seasonal parking ban falls under the District of Clearwater Bylaw 160, 2017, Section 6.5 Seasonal Parking Ban. The fine for this offence is $50.

For more information about the seasonal parking ban, please visit www.districtofclearwater.ca or visit our Facebook page.