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Snow Removal Information

2021-12-28 – After the recent epic snowfall, we would like to highlight the snow removal process in place for the District of Clearwater.

The District of Clearwater has contracted Borrow Enterprises for snow removal within the District’s boundaries and the response time and priority levels are set as per contract. Equipment will clear the road right-of-way and neither the DoC’s Road Contractor or Public Works department are responsible for windrow clearing.

As per Bylaw pushing snow from ones property across a road into a ditch is in violation of the bylaw and subject to a fine.

Seasonal Ban Routes  have been identified and are in full effect during snow removal season (November to March) and all vehicles in violation maybe subject to a penalty. A person must not park a vehicle on any portion of a highway identified as a seasonal parking ban route. If the vehicle has been parked in that location previous to the designation, the owner must remove the vehicle within 8 hours of the designation being posted. A map is posted to our website for further information.

The DOC Bylaw Enforcement Officer may issue tickets for bylaw infractions.

More information can be obtained on our website.