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Statement on ongoing Covid-19 Impacts and Local Government Jurisdiction


For Immediate Release, February 10, 2022

Statement on ongoing Covid-19 Impacts and Local Government Jurisdiction

The District of Clearwater is aware of ongoing concerns throughout our community, province and country regarding the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic and associated measures. Yes, those measures have impacted us all differently, some more severely than others over the past two years. A top concern of the District of Clearwater remains the health and safety of our staff, business partners, and the community as a whole.

Throughout the pandemic, the District has worked hard to respect and follow public health measures while maintaining services. This includes the implementation of Covid safety plans, temporary changes to service levels, and other steps. This required us to be agile and flexible and we will continue to do the best we can to minimize service disruptions where possible.

As a local government, the District is required to follow all public health orders and we will continue to do so for as long as they are in effect. The District is not responsible for, does not influence, and is not consulted with respect to provincial health orders or federal mandates. The authority of the District is limited to establishing bylaws and policies within the defined municipal boundaries. Currently, the District is not pursuing or considering implementing mandates of any kind for staff, volunteers, or suppliers. This decision was made in the interest of business continuity and will remain until otherwise advised.

We hear you; we want to see an end to Covid-19 as well. There is no rule book for the response to this pandemic and everyone is doing the best they can. We are asking the community to be kind and supportive regardless of personal choices and to hang in there just a bit longer. We love where we live and the awesome people that live here with us, let’s stick this out together.

Going forward, the District will not be providing further commentary on topics related to the pandemic as this is beyond the scope of authority for the District. Correspondence to the District intended for Mayor and/or Council are triaged through the District Office by staff and can be send through our website.