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Upgrades to Weyerhauser subdivision intersection


The intersection of Robson Street and Murtle Road is changing from a 3-way stop to a 4-way stop intersection with the goal to improve the safety for all users. Vehicular traffic speed will be reduced significantly and create a calmer traffic flow in the subdivision.

As directed by Council, the Public Works department already started the process; you may have noticed work being done at this intersection over the past week.

What you can expect:

  • A newly installed 4-way stop, with new stop signs at each of the 4 intersecting streets.  The new stop signs will be larger in size than the existing signs thus enhancing the visibility of the newly installed stop signs.
  • New street blades to better recognize street names.
  • The corner of Murtle Road and Robson Street has been up graded with a proper turning radius with reflective delineators for improved turning visibility.

The completion of this project should be achieved at the end of this week.