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Community Parks

Capostinsky Park

Located on Kurylowich Drive, this park has two full sized diamonds, grand stands, area for beer gardens and washrooms. Slow pitch and Youth Softball keep this park busy throughout the spring and summer months.

Chad Memorial Park

Located across from the Clearwater Fire Hall on Clearwater Village Road. This park was established in memory of fallen Volunteer Firefighter Chad Schapansky and offers a sitting area with a great view of Raft Peak.

Dutch Lake Park

Located on Old North Thompson Highway right in the middle of Clearwater, this park is as a “jewel”. The 10.5 acres shoreline park offers a beach house, picnic shelter and swimming wharf. Popular activities include swimming, picnicking, canoeing and kayaking. In the winter it is extensively used for ice fishing; the lake is stocked.

Raft River Viewing Park

Located approximately 5km north of the Wells Gray Information Centre just off Highway #5. This park serves as a cultural icon to the Simpcw First Nations. Visitors enjoy watching the annual salmon run in late August and early September from the viewing platform.

Rotary Sports Park

Located on Murtle Cresent, across from the North Thompson Sportsplex, adjacent to the Ace Western Motel. This park has four tennis courts, a skateboard park and a basketball court.

Weyerhaeuser Pioneer Park

Located behind the Buy Low Shopping Mall. Its natural setting, large playfield with playground equipment, swings, picnic tables and Splash Park make it a great spot for playdates and get togethers. A walking trail connects the park to the Weyerhaeuser Subdivision.

Wyndhaven Park

Located approximately 1.0 km north of the Wells Gray Information Centre just off Clearwater Valley Road on Wyndhaven Drive. This neighbourhood park hosts a playground area, large playing field and offers access to walking trails.

Planning a Special Event?

To use any of our parks for events such as, weddings, birthdays or family reunions, please complete the Facility Use Application form below.

Facility Use Application Capostinsky Park

Facility Use Application (except Capostinsky Ball Park)

Interior Health Authority (IHA) approval is required to prepare food for immediate consumption at temporary locations such as festivals and other events within the District of Clearwater. This includes concession applications to serve food at Capostinsky Park Rotary Sports Park and any other venue within municipal facilities. A temporary food service premise is a short-term (14 days or less per year) operation for the preparation and / or serving of food products. If the temporary facility operates for more than 14 days it is no longer temporary and requires the same type of permit as those who hold a mobile facilities permit. There is no fee for a Temporary Food Service permit and guidelines are enclosed to assist individuals wishing to obtain a permit to operate a temporary food service. Please complete the Temporary Food Service Application and return it to the District Office at least 21 days prior to the event.


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