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Wastewater Upgrade Alternative Approval Process

All property owners on the District of Clearwater Sewer System are invited to an Information Meeting regarding the establishment of a Loan Authorization Bylaw in the amount of $560,000 for the upgrades to wastewater treatment facility (Cell#1). These upgrades will increase the treatment capacity of the District’s wastewater system.

The public information session will be held at the Dutch Lake Community Centre on June 16, 2020 at 6:30pm and provides an opportunity to hear from the District’s engineers and ask questions regarding the Wastewater treatment project.

The District is holding an Alternative Approval Process to provide property owners in the sewer service area an opportunity to vote if they are not in favour of the establishment of this bylaw.

How do you know if you are in the sewer service area? If you pay a sewer parcel tax, you are in the sewer service area. *Please note that a mailout will be in your mailbox shortly.

For more information on this project and process please check our website or contact Leslie Groulx, Chief Administrative Officer by phone at (250) 674-2257 or by email.