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We are hearing you; responding to feedback from the Community Survey

You said: “Attractive landscaping and the entrances to town need to have character. The Wells Gray Park sign in the roundabout should have an arrow pointing to the Park as Park Rd is very confusing. Get the billboards cleaned up!!!”

Our response: Have you seen the sign in the roundabout received an upgrade to include “Clearwater” the Gateway to Wells Gray Park?

Signage located along the highway falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation. The District can forward recommendations but has not authority to direct. Signage along Highway 5 within the District of Clearwater were constructed upon incorporation for the purposes of greeting travelers and welcoming folks to our community.

Unfortunately the billboards along the highway are on private property and are the property of current and past local businesses whom would have an agreement with the property owner. Efforts have been made to contact owners and remove or cleanup signs but the District otherwise no jurisdiction to remove and or clean up these signs.