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Yes to Better Internet

Slow internet? No internet?
How about being tired of super expensive internet?
Speak Out!

The District of Clearwater has been working with Telus and Mascon to improve service to Clearwater and the North Thompson. Telus is interested in prioritizing towns that are most interested in fibre optic technology but we need to hear from our community to build a strong business case that would see Telus prioritize our area.

If you would be interested in TELUS bringing the PureFibre network to Clearwater, please visit: https://fibre.telus.com/iwantfibre/

Spread the word! Invite your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors to complete the form. It’s quick, easy and will show the needs of Clearwater and the North Thompson! The voice of business is also crucial to this process!

Thanks for taking the time!