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Message from your Mayor

We flattened the curve! Yay!
So now what?

We are in uncertain times indeed. The initial wave of fear and concern is over, but we need to keep up all the good practices that saved us from a much worse outcome, and that will hopefully save us a lot of pain during the predicted second wave of virus in the fall.
We can learn a lot of lessons from the 1918 Pandemic. Two important lessons from that pandemic are to not let your guard down, and to have patience. When the second wave hit in the fall of 1918, it was far more devastating and deadly than the first wave. Many people had grown very impatient with the virus protocols, and had let their guard down. The end result left 10’s of millions of people sick or dead worldwide. This virus is very sneaky. It can infect people in such a mild way that they don’t even know they have it,
and those same people can be infectious to others without showing any symptoms. We need to continue to keep our guard up, following the lessons and directions of Dr. Henry, until a vaccine is available, or we get the all clear. We also need to muster all the patience we can.
Our day to day life has changed in ways that we never thought possible, that our society hasn’t experienced since the last World War. Everything gets done slower under Covid 19. Simple work tasks are more complex. Services we took for granted a few months ago are no longer available. Some members of our society have to protect themselves by isolating. Life is not going to go forward in the normal patterns, things will take longer to do, you will wait in lines, and we will have to get used to a messier, less organized world, with some events and tasks just not getting done.
The good news is that this time of uncertainty shall pass eventually… hopefully sooner if we all keep up our guard and if we are patient with each other.
Be kind, wash your hands, enjoy life, and, most importantly, keep listening to Dr. Henry.

Mayor Merlin Blackwell