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Snow Clearing

When the snow hits, we work hard to ensure that roads stay open and safe. The District of Clearwater contracts road maintenance for all municipal roads. Not all roads within the District boundary are the responsibility of the municipality. Some roads are managed by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure who contracts roads maintenance to Argo. Call the contractor depending on your area to report issues that impede traffic e.g. trees across the road, items blocking the view. Please do not call to request windrow clearing in your driveway. After a snowfall event, please be patient and give the contractor time to clear the roads.

These are the road maintenance contractors responsible for road aintenance and snow plaowing within the District of Clearwater. Call the contractor depending on your area:

  • Argo Road Maintenance 1 (800) 661-2025
    • Yellowhead Highway & Clearwater Valley Road
    • Candle Creek Road to Birch Road
  • District of Clearwater (250) 674-2257
    • District of Clearwater municipal roads
    • Dunn Lake Road (within municipal boundary)
    • Rest of Candle Creek Road

Exempt roads are: Highway 5, Clearwater Valley Road, Forest Services Roads and private roads such as 100 Mile FSR Road.

The District’s Road Contractors vehicles/ machinery are clearly labelled with DOC logos.

The Road Contractor is required to clear the right of the roadway but will not clear driveways.

Priority Levels

Clearwater has three different levels of priority which allows for different response times.

Priority 1 Routes- Arterials: Emergency routes, school bus and main connector roads

Priority 2 Routes- Collectors: These will be cleared after Priority 1 routes have been completed.

Priority 3 Routes- Local

Regular quality patrols are performed daily.

Seasonal Ban Route Now in Effect

When a seasonal parking ban route has been designated as in effect by the Public Works Manager, a person must not park a vehicle on any portion of a highway identified as a seasonal parking ban route. If the vehicle has been parked in that location previous to the designation, the owner must remove the vehicle within 8 hours of the designation being posted.

Multi-Use Path Winter Maintenance Policy

The “Multi-Use Path Winter Maintenance” Policy outlines where the path is located and maintenance requirements.

Your responsibility

Do not park your vehicle and RV in the road right of way to allow more effective snow removal. Where is the road right of way? Hydro poles and fire hydrants are on District right of way.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to clear snow from the sidewalk(s) adjacent to their property.

When shoveling, snow blowing and plowing your driveway, do not deposit snow onto roadway.

Clearing windrows is the homeowner’s responsibility. A snow windrow is the pile of snow that is left at the end of a driveway after the snowplow has cleared the road.

To be prepared for the weather, frequently check the weather report and pay attention to alerts.


Bylaw No. 160, 2017 Traffic and Use of Highways bylaw provides reference material on District roads use.