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Campfires/Open Burning

Before lighting a fire, please check the red links below for information

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with Fire Department Bylaw No. 233.

Fire Safety

  • Never burn in strong wind conditions
  • The fire pit must be:
    • at least five (5) metres from adjacent property lines, buildings, trees, shrubs, debris or other combustible material;
    • not exceed 0.5 metres by 0.5 metres; and
    • must be contained within the fire pit
  • Only untreated lumber, dry and seasoned firewood may be used for fuel. Leaves, grass, hay, garden, woodland debris or other compostable waste must not be burned in a campfire
  • The campfire must always have a person attending to and continuously supervising the fire
  • The campfire must be controlled by a competent person who is equipped with extinguishing materials and equipment
  • The person attending the fire must ensure the campfire does not present a hazard or nuisance to other people, is extinguished if conditions become unsafe for the fire to continue and is completely extinguished before leaving the site
  • If the fire spreads beyond the pit or otherwise becomes out of control, the person attending must immediately carry out fire control, extinguish the fire, report the fire as soon as possible to the Fire Department, the RCMP, or a fire emergency response center, and comply with any directions given by the responder

Burning Permits

  • Requirement for all Category 2 and Category 3 Open Fires between October 1st until of May 15th of any year.
  • backyard burning of garbage and other “prohibited materials” is not allowed under provincial law, except with specific authorization. Air pollution from burning of waste contains toxic pollutants, can generate plumes of smoke which are unsightly and/or a public safety concern, can generate odors, and can result in public complaints to R.A.P.P.


Category 2 Open Fire (Residential/ Garden Refuse)

  • pile does not exceed 2m in height and 3m in width
  • any fire must be supervised until completely extinguished

Category 3 Open Fire (Industrial, Commercial, Lot Clearing)

Anyone who lights, fuels or makes use of a Category 3 open fire must comply with the Environmental Management Act and the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation. Before lighting a Category 3 fire, review “A Guide to the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation” (particularly the information about prohibited materials). The Environmental Management Act requires individuals to check local venting conditions prior to lighting a Category 3 open fire, to ensure that local conditions are suitable for burning. The venting index or ventilation index is updated daily.

  • burns material in one or more piles, with each pile exceeding two metres in height or three metres in width;
  • check that there are no prohibitions or other restrictions in place for doing so;
  • the person lighting the fire is entirely responsible and must take all precautions to burn safely and must ensure that the fire is fully extinguished and the ashes are cold to the touch;
  • Burn registration number required, obtained from the Province of BC by calling 1 888 797-1717.

Burning Permits are free of charge. To obtain one, call 250.674.1278 and have your details ready, purpose of the burn and ideal day and time and the Fire Chief will arrange a time to inspect the site and issue the burning permit. Please allow some time for this process. You may also download the form and email it completed to firechief@docbc.ca.

Download Burning Permit Form