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Council Strategic Plan 2024-2026

Council Strategic Plan 2024-2026

What is a Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan is a document that outlines an organization’s goals, priorities, and the actions necessary to achieve them. For the District of Clearwater, the Council Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap to guide the community towards a vibrant, prosperous, livable, and healthy future. This plan helps in making informed decisions, prioritizing resources, and ensuring that all actions align with the community’s long-term vision.

What Does the Strategic Plan Do?

The Strategic Plan sets out clear objectives and directions for the District over a specified period. It focuses on various strategic areas to improve the quality of life for all residents. Here are some of the key focus areas and their objectives as outlined in the Clearwater Council Strategic Plan for 2024-2026:

  1. Quality Core Services: Ensuring the delivery of essential services efficiently and effectively.
  2. Healthy Community: Promoting the well-being of residents through health initiatives and recreational programs.
  3. Strong Advocacy for Clearwater: Engaging with provincial and regional bodies to secure support and resources.
  4. Regional Collaboration: Partnering with neighboring municipalities and regional districts for shared services and joint initiatives.
  5. Revenue Generation and Sustainable Finances: Exploring alternative revenue sources and optimizing existing ones for sustainable financial health.
  6. Modernization and Efficiency: Upgrading internal processes and municipal bylaws to enhance operational efficiency.
  7. Addressing Climate Change: Implementing FireSmart principles and improving emergency management to tackle climate challenges.
  8. Improving Housing Affordability: Expanding housing options and ensuring a range of housing tenures at different income levels.
  9. Advancing Health Care: Supporting the recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals to enhance local services.
  10. Enhancing Community “Vibe”: Fostering a welcoming environment that attracts diverse economic investments and supports social, cultural, and recreational programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Strategic Plan important for the District of Clearwater?

The Strategic Plan is crucial as it provides a structured approach to achieving the community’s vision and goals. It ensures that all actions taken by the Council are aligned with the long-term aspirations of the residents, leading to sustainable growth and development.

How does the Council develop the Strategic Plan?

The development of the Strategic Plan involves extensive community consultation, input from various stakeholders, and thorough analysis of current and future needs. This collaborative approach ensures that the plan reflects the community’s values and priorities.

How can residents get involved?

Residents can get involved by participating in public consultations, providing feedback during town hall meetings, and staying informed through the District’s communication channels. Engaging with the Strategic Plan allows residents to contribute to the shaping of their community’s future.

Where can I access the Strategic Plan?

The Clearwater Council Strategic Plan 2024-2026 can be accessed here. This document provides detailed information on the District’s goals, strategic areas, and the planned actions to achieve them.