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October 27, 2020 Council Highlights

Council Highlights from the 2020 10 27 Regular Council Minutes

  • Council approved postponing a review of the zoned water metering until 2022 and directed staff to provide a report on next steps towards water conservation.
  • Council approved reducing the speed limit from 50km/h to 30 km/h on Miller Road and Davey Road.
  • Council directed Administration to investigate the costs to engage a Traffic Engineering firm to complete a report for the implementation of best suited traffic calming measures for the Park Drive/Murtle Crescent and Robson Street/Murtle Road intersections
  • Council approved an expenditure in principle for a financial contribution of $300,000 to build the Amenity Building included in Phase 5 of the Evergreen Acres Senior Housing Society project, these funds are directed from the Wells Gray Community Forest Commission.
  • Council directed Administration to proceed with a grant application in the amount of $294,500 (100% funding) under the UBCM 2021 Community Resiliency Investment Program to complete fuel management activities.
  • Council approved the submission of a grant application for funding in the amount of $8,003,813 (100% funding) through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure program for the Sewer Distribution System Expansion – Area 2.
  • Council approved amending the 2020 Five Year Financial Plan to include a Funding Agreement for Road Maintenance of $392,000 from Trans Mountain Pipeline LP and that $64,000 of this funding be allocated to required works on the District portion of Dunn Lake Road.
  • Council directed Administration to proceed with a grant application for a maximum amount of $475,000 (100% funding) to complete the Wells Gray Inn to Highway 5 Roundabout multi-use paved pathway.
  • Council approved proving a letter of support for TELUS to submit an application to the Northern Development Initiative Trust fund to provide increased broadband connectivity for the extension of the existing Mascon service for 60 residents from Park Drive to the end of Raft River Road.
  • Council supported a recommendation to post signage and social media posts requesting the public to wear a mask when entering and doing business at Municipal Hall.

The next regular Council meeting is schedule to be held Tuesday, November 3, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. and is open to the Public using physical distancing!