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Bid Opportunity – Community Interface Fuel Management Treatments

2023-09-25 – A new bid opportunity for the District of Clearwater has been posted to the BC Bid website. For more information or to bid on the project, visit https://bcbid.gov.bc.ca/page.aspx/en/bpm/process_manage_extranet/180218

The District of Clearwater is seeking a qualified and experienced contracting firm to complete Community Interface Fuel Management Treatments within District of Clearwater. Fuel Management Prescriptions (Appendix E) have been prepared and outline the description of the work to be completed. Works scheduled will involve but are not limited to:

  • Removal of dead and dying trees that are standing or lying on the ground.
  • Thinning of smaller stems to a specified density.
  • Pruning of all stems.
  • Disposal of debris generated by these treatments through a combination of free firewood, chipping and/or debris piling and burning.

This work is funded by UBCM Community Resiliency Investment Program (CRI). The intent of fuels management is intended to reduce fire behavior within the treated area, create defensible space for wildland and structural professionals to defend communities, and reduce risk and potential damage to values adjacent to neighbourhoods/community.