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District of Clearwater joins provincial BizPal program

2022-09-14 — The District of Clearwater has joined many other municipalities in the province in joining the BizPal program, which streamlines the permit and licence requirements needed for businesses to operate. The announcement came through a press release from the Government of British Columbia Wednesday (Sept. 14) morning. 

Over 130 communities in B.C. use the program, a free, one-stop program helping small business owners find permits and licenses they may need from both the federal and provincial governments, and participating First Nations and local governments. 

“Clearwater, being a young municipality, is super happy to join the other 133 B.C. communities using the BizPal system,” said Merlin Blackwell, mayor of the District of Clearwater, in the press release. “Using BizPal makes it easier for outside businesses to access Clearwater, and it will also show local businesses how they can access other communities. All in all, it makes sense for economic growth for our community.” 

To read the press release or for more information, visit the Government of B.C. website.