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COVID-19 Safe Restart Agreement grant update

2202-10-04 — In November 2020, the District of Clearwater received a grant of $894,000 from the federal government as part of its Safe Restart Agreement to help municipalities restart their economies and become more resilient to possible future surges of COVID-19.  

This grant has helped the District offset costs including a loss of revenue from facilities and activities including the North Thompson Sportsplex, transit use, baseball diamonds and recreation. It also went towards additional cleaning supplies required to meet health requirements and to pay for additional staff time needed to perform extra duties such as cleaning, scheduling appointments and administering ICBC and motor vehicle services.  

The COVID-19 funds have saved roughly 6% annually in taxation due to the offsetting of $200,000 annually in operation cost — $30,000 equals 1% in taxation.

Since receiving the grant, the District has spent $407,427 leaving it with $486,573. Over time, we hope to see revenue from various departments increase, the cost of cleaning supplies reduced and other additional administrative duties due to COVID removed by the time the grant has been used in full. 

To view the District of Clearwater 2021 Financial Statement, click here.