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Dutch Lake Line Painting Update

The District will implement additional signage at Dutch Lake as per council decision during the Sept. 6 regular meeting. At the Aug. 16 meeting, council requested staff come up with a third option to utilize the painting currently on the road without expanding to the road or making other major changes.

The only changes residents may notice in the near future is the addition of stencil signage to further outline the use of the painted sections and some existing paint will be removed at the entrance to the Dutch Lake parking lot to allow better visibility and increased safety for vehicles and pedestrians. Delineators will also be installed along the bike/pedestrian lane.

These minor adjustments are to make changes in the interim and are a next step in improving the usability and functionality of the area.

District of Clearwater regular council meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed on the District website and recordings can be viewed on its YouTube channel.