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Staff Announcement – Supervisor of ICBC, DL, and Customer Service

2022-11-17 — The District of Clearwater is very pleased to announce the appointment of Courtnay Sedgwick as its new Supervisor of ICBC, Drivers License, and Customer Service. Courtnay’s appointment will be effective as of Friday, Nov. 25, 2022.

“After growing up in Clearwater, I spent the next decade getting a degree in tourism and travelling the world. When it came time for my partner and I to put down roots we decided to come home. We returned to valley in 2010 to the familiar faces and landscapes. Knowing people’s faces and stories is important to me. I often find myself building relationships with those that my daily routine connects me with: the grocery clerk, the pharmacy staff, the hardware store assistant. We are all connected. In a small town we can see these connections first-hand and use them to support each other.

The customer service skills I developed during my years in tourism have naturally transferred to my work as an insurance agent. I have been working in insurance for over three years. I look forward to serving and connecting with the community in my new role at the District of Clearwater.”

Finding someone with Courtnay’s skills and training was a challenge and we are extremely happy that she chose the District of Clearwater for the next chapter in her journey. I would also like to acknowledge and thank Linda Klassen, Director of Finance, and Tammy Rutsatz, Supervisor of Financial Services, for their hard work during the recruitment campaign.

On behalf of the District, please join me in welcoming Courtnay to the team. We look forward to working with and supporting you in your new role.

John Thomas,
Chief Administrative Officer